The term “High-Flow Extraction” refers to
the use of both a high flow of water volume and air (vacuum) volume to remove a
HUGE volume of soil without leaving any detergent residue!

This represents a breakthrough in carpet cleaning
technology. Reliable Cleaning Systems
integrates High-Flow Extraction technology with other unique tools into a systematized cleaning program.

High-Flow Extraction utilizes 2-3 times more water to
truly deep clean. It recovers 90-95% of
the water with a super-powerful vacuum system, leaving the carpet residue-free
and clean to the base of the fiber!


For 30 years cleaning equipment manufacturers sought to
improve cleaning results by building ever-more-powerful equipment. More powerful heat, pressure, and vacuum


However, water flow, the most critical factor in carrying
suspended soil from the carpet, has been kept to a minimum, at between 0.5 and
1.5 gallons per minute. This is because of concerns about over-wetting the

testing & research by major carpet mills over the last couple years has
demonstrated what common sense suggests:

We have adjusted our
policy and today we endorse only one machine, the Steamin Demon High-Flow

Exerpt from letter from Shaw Industries

* * * * * * * * * * *

As more water is used
to flush dirt and soils out of carpet, more soil is removed, the appearance is improved, and since fewer abrasive soils are left in the carpet, it lasts longer

Until the High-Flow Extraction System, no carpet cleaning
machine had a vacuum system efficient enough to effectively remove large
volumes of water.


The simpler a mechanical device is, the easier it is to
use. This benefits both the customer and
the cleaning technician.

The High-Flow Extractor was designed with simplicity in

Carpet cleaning is one of the simplest yet most misunderstood
of cleaning procedures. In fact, often more harm and, in some cases,
irreversible damage is done during carpet cleaning due to:

  1. lack of knowledge of the basic principles of cleaning;
  2. lack of adequate, if any, training;
  3. use of inferior or improper equipment or cleaning agents (chemicals).

Carpeting is among the largest investments made for any
occupied structure, whether it be a home, a business
or an institution such as a school.

•It is surprising that carpet maintenance
often is poorly planned and assigned to inexperienced individuals.

•Too often purchasers of carpet cleaning
equipment and cleaning agents buy the lowest priced product instead of looking
at overall cost effectiveness, which incorporates such factors as soil removal,
production rates, and efficiency.

•Perhaps it is not so surprising since
purchasing decision-makers often have less knowledge about proper carpet
maintenance than the people who do the cleaning.

•Another important factor is Indoor Air
Quality (IAQ). Carpet cleaning performed with effective equipment and cleaning
agents contributes to a more healthful indoor environment.

•Improved IAQ enhances building occupants’
health and reduces costs by increasing productivity.

The basics of carpet cleaning are simple and will yield good
results if performed in this order:



Carpet is rarely thought of as being a filter, but it is. It
traps the soils tracked in by humans and pets, as well as minute particles of
dust, mold spores and other microscopic matter that circulate through the air.

Between 70% and 80% of soil in carpet is comprised of
particulate matter, such as dust, sand, carbon, human and animal hair, and
flakes of skin. These soils are not dissolved by water or carpet cleaning
chemicals, and are best removed through dry vacuuming.

If these soils are not removed prior to wet cleaning, they
will hamper the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Therefore, vacuuming is
an important first step in any carpet cleaning process. Vacuuming frequently
between cleanings is also the best way to reduce soil loads, lengthen carpet
life and maintain high levels of appearance.

Prespray Solution:

Presprays loosen and emulsify
the greasy and oily soils that adhere to the carpet fiber. These are the soils
that vacuuming does not remove. Such soils exist everywhere, but are more
noticeable, due to their concentration, in high traffic areas such as just
inside doorways, in hallways, and in front of furniture.

These soils often are tracked in from asphalt, automotive oil
in driveways and parking lots. In addition, many food and beverage spills fall
in this category.

To allow the prespray to do its job, it should be agitated
and allowed to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen and emulsify the soil. The
process is similar to soaking dishes before washing them, in order to allow
dried food to loosen.

The cleaning agent used should be matched to the type of
carpet being cleaned. For example polypropylene (Olefin) requires a different
type of chemical than nylon, even though both are synthetic (man-made) fibers.
Natural-fiber carpets, such as wool and cotton, require a different type of
chemical than synthetic ones.

Carpet Agitation:

Also know as scrubbing the carpeting.

Reliable Cleaning Systems uses a state-of-the-art, dual,
counter-rotating, cylindrical-brush machine. This machine dislodges deeply
embedded dirt, grime and the hard-to-get-out pet hairs. During this process
most major spots and stains will come out as the prespray is worked into the
carpeting and the soils are suspended. This means your carpeting comes cleaner
and stays cleaner longer.

These machines are also recommended by the major carpet

Also known as “rinsing”

This is the process of spraying hot water into the carpet
then vacuuming the water, suspended soil and chemical out, leaving it fresh and
clean. Extraction is where the “rubber meets the road” (or, in this
case, the water meets the carpet).

The effectiveness of the extraction process is determined by
the Impact Rate delivered by the extractor coupled with the efficiency of the
vacuum system.

Impact Rate is a “work factor,” like horsepower.
The greater the Impact Rate, the better the cleaning ability, extractors with
higher Impact Rates will do a better job of suspending and removing soil and
chemical from the carpet.

The High-Flow Extractor has more than three times the Impact
Rate of other portable extractors. And while other extractors require that
cleaning agents be mixed with the rinse water, the
High-Flow Extractor requires only fresh, clear water in the extraction process.
In addition, it removes a much higher percentage of the water (tests show up to
94%) it puts down.

Why is that important? The more soil and chemical residue
left in the carpet, the faster the carpet will re-soil. The reason is that
dust, dirt and other matter are attracted to residue like a magnet and adhere
to it, quickly building up to re-soil the carpet. If carpet starts to look
dingy just a week or so after cleaning, it is likely that a considerable amount
of soil-attracting residue was left in the carpet during the extraction

Lower-quality cleaning agents also contribute to increased
residue levels, another good reason to use an extractor with a higher Impact
Rate and better flushing action to remove as much residue as possible.


There are a number of reasons why it’s desirable for carpet
to dry quickly. There are substantial environmental and cost factors and
convenience as well. When carpet takes too long to dry in a warm and humid
environment, the possibility of mold and mildew growth becomes a concern.

The result can be anything from a musty odor to allergic
reactions. Certainly this does not make for a pleasant or desirable indoor
environment for people to work or live in. If the slow-drying area is a retail
operation, restaurant, casino, hotel room, or any other revenue-generating
area, the longer it has to remain closed for drying, the more revenue is lost.

Simply not being able to use a room for an extended period is
an inconvenience as well. Many factors affect drying:

  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture remaining in the carpet after
  • Carpet pile depth, pile construction and fiber
    composition (synthetic vs. man-made)

As cleaning professionals, we have no control over the carpet
pile depth, pile construction and composition. We have some control over
humidity, ventilation, and the amount of moisture left in the carpet.

Moisture in the carpet: The less moisture left in the carpet, the more quickly it will dry.
Unfortunately, most portable extractors do not have vacuum systems that are
strong or efficient enough to promote quick drying.

This is primarily due to the distance the air and water
must travel from the carpet to the recovery tank (up to 25 feet). Some
additional water is removed by repeated vacuum strokes, but this is very time
consuming and does not remove a lot of additional water.

The High-Flow Extractor has a unique, patented vacuum
system, which requires only 8 inches of water and air travel. As a result, the
High Flow Extractor has dramatically higher water-removal capability, resulting
in faster drying times.

Humidity: In very dry areas of the country, such as the Southwest, carpet typically
dries very fast because the amount of moisture in the air is so low that it
essentially draws the moisture quickly out of the carpet. This also holds true,
to a lesser degree, for closed-in, atmospherically controlled or sealed
buildings where the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system keeps
temperature and humidity in the moderate range.

Unfortunately, most parts of the country, including ours,
are relatively humid. This presents a bigger challenge for quickly drying
carpet; especially if the building is not sealed to the outside environment.
Adequate ventilation and, in extreme cases, portable dehumidifiers may be
needed to extract moisture out of the air to ensure that carpet will dry

To assist drying, turn on all available
ventilation sources, which may include ceiling fans, air movers (professional
carpet drying fans), and the HVAC system blower (on continuous cycle). If the
area has air conditioning, it should be turned on as air conditioning removes
moisture from the air, allowing moisture in the carpet to be released more


The High-Flow Extraction System Reliable Cleaning Systems uses is the cutting-edge technology for cleaning
carpets. This system has been endorsed
by SHAW INDUSTRIES, the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet, as an
innovative approach to cleaning carpets.
Reliable Cleaning Systems has been teaching our method for the last 8 years and is used in most of our sister companies cleaning. We think so highly of this process we are aslo

P.S. The Steamin Demon has attainted Gold Level status by the Carpet and Rug Institute

Some result of our cleaning System for you viewing pleasure

Please call 413-532-3995 if you have any questions about
High-Flow Extraction or e-mail info@hebertsrcs.com

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